Too shy or unconfident to get fit

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It is understandable if you find gyms intimidating places. You sometimes feel like you are in the spotlight and everyone is watching you. The likelihood is that they are not, but it is sometimes hard to shake the feeling. Some of the people around the gym are in great shape and they can sometimes seem arrogant or have a superiority complex. It can make someone who is going for the first time feel intimidated or just knock the confidence right out of them. Even just taking a run in the park can sometimes be an anxious time because we convince ourselves that everyone is watching. Again, they are probably not, but when we are starting a new thing it is easy to feel vulnerable and insecure. Well, now is the time to relax and stop worrying because there is an answer to this problem.

First let's break down the problem. Maybe we have low confidence and self esteem. So we want to address that as a priority. Maybe we are really unfit and breath heavily just walking up a flight of stairs. So we need to just elevate our basic fitness level, no problem. We feel as though we look too big. So we need to lose some weight. We can achieve all of these things in a few months and all we need is discipline and hard work.

Yes you read it right. ALL you need is discipline and hardwork. No equipment, no special clothing, no expensive memberships and you do not even need to leave your home. So let's get to the point already.

Own Body Weight HIIT (High intensity interval training) is what you need. It is simple. All you need is around 20 minutes a day at least 3-4 days a week and you will transform yourself in around 3-6months. We have to understand that things take time and we need to be consistent and work hard. Just accept it because there is no quick fix.

So what is Own Body Weight HIIT? Basically it is a series of exercises you do just using your own body for intervals of around 40 seconds with rests in between. There are different interval patterns but you get the idea. It is best to do at least a 5 minute warm up before and at least 5 minutes of stretching after. So all in all you can do the whole thing in just 30 minutes. If you think about how long you look at your phone in a day is it greater or less than 30 minutes. Okay so we know we have time right.

The best thing to do with HIIT is to get yourself a good course to follow. You can find some great videos on YouTube. There are also great packages you can buy for around $40 US, a small investment. You will want to schedule your training into your routine so that you do not have the excuse you are too busy. Then just do it.

Here are some links to some great courses both free and to buy to get you started. You can also find your own by simply putting "bodyweight workout beginner" into YouTube or Google.

20 Min Beginner Body Weight Workout at Home

Onnit 6 Bodyweight

Once we have worked out at home awhile we will find our confidence increases and our bodies feel and look better. Now we can have a go at joining a gym and see how we feel now with our increased confidence.

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