New Year's Resolutions - How to make them work!

A Book for Life

Another new year is upon us and it is time for the tradition of making a resolution. Your resolution could be to get fit, stop smoking, call your parents more or just be healthier. For many people, new year's resolutions have become a bit of a joke because of the number of people who make them and then fail after a few weeks or a month or so. So how can we make our resolution stick this year?

Let's take the example of getting fit. We make the decision that this year we are going to get fit. Improve our general health and lose some weight. It is probably the most popular and the one people fail at the most too. So why do they fail. When we say we are going to get fit we tend to focus on our body. After all it is our body that will be changing and doing the work right? The fact of the matter is, it is not the body that ends up making us fail (unless we have a severe accident or injury). The majority of the time it is our minds that make us fail.

It is our mind that makes the decision to get up a little earlier and exercise. It is our minds that tell us this is too hard. It is our minds that tell us the little pain in my leg means I can't train today. It is our minds that give up. Our minds control our bodies so if the mind fails then so does the body.

The mind isn't the only one to blame though. If we do not feel right within ourselves then it is difficult for the mind to make the right decisions. Enter the self (soul). If we are feeling depressed or anxious. Maybe we are feeling self conscious or unconfident. All these things can hamper our minds ability to make the right decisions. So it has a knock on effect. The self affects the mind and the mind affects the self. So is the body the innocent party here?

Well no. In fact the situation comes full circle. If the body does not consume healthy food and exercise regularly the vitamins and minerals our brains need to function properly are absent. If the body does not sleep enough our energy levels go down and life seems harder than it really is. This can make the self feel depressed or hopeless. So now we have identified that the body affects the mind and self. The mind affects the body and self and the self affects the body and mind.

In order to successfully maintain our resolution it is not enough to just focus on one thing. We must create a good positive balance between the body, mind and self. A Book for Life breaks down and explains the mechanics behind this balance and outlines the things we can do to improve our balance and live a more productive, happy and peaceful life.

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